Ebotlution Systems offers its services to develop solutions which require of distributed data acquisition systems combining sensing devices with knowledge sources, monitoring, control and communications systems.

Providing embedded intelligence and autonomy allows achieving a higher level of safety and performance on tasks which involve risk to humans. Additionally a collaborative approach optimizes processes and results compared to individual performances.

Much of the technical discoveries are the result of the observation, analysis and emulation of physical and biological systems present in nature. The rules governing the behavior of biological communities such as ants or bees can inspire the rules that define the behavior of artificial systems. Ebotlution Systems develop these concepts and applies them to real solutions by means of embedded information technologies in autonomous systems, which interact and behave as the inspired bio-communities.

Ebotlution Systems provides solutions embedding intelligence and thus autonomy to achieve a high level of safety, reliability and efficiency in tasks that involve human risk.


Following the life motive of the group,  in 2007 Ebotlution decided to develop a solution based on AI and robotics to solve the problem of Humanitarian Demining. The project EMPERoC (Evolving Multi-Purpose Explorative Robotic Community) serves as the basis for the development of future systems. Initially organized as a non-profit association (BetterWorld Technology Group), the group was finally set up as a private equity firm to ensure financial viability.


Jesús M. Vila
Jesús M. VilaCo-Founder and CEO of Ebotlution Systems SL.
Jesús M. Vila, co-founder and CEO of Ebotlution Systems SL. Degree in Electronics Engineering in 1991 by the Basc Country University, MBA in 2008 and undergraduate in AI expert systems, artificial neural networks, design of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICS), instrumentation and others. Software Engineer with a proven track record of success within various global organizations (GTD, EDS/HP, Siemens, GFI,…) from Europe in areas as Defense, Industry, Education, Finance and Public Administration. Strong skills in project management, agil engineering and real time technologies for communication, control and monitoring. Currently also serves as robotics engineer specialized in real time control and Geo-Informational Systems.

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